What is it?

Whether you’re a bricks & mortar shop looking for an online presence, or someone looking to start their own online-only e-commerce store, I can help you by creating an online store which will let you:

    • Add & edit your own products
    • Set your own prices & shipping fees
    • Link products; upsell and cross-sell
    • Add your own categories and  custom tags
    • Create sale periods, or set particular items on sale
    • Create and manage Voucher Codes; set expiration dates, max redemptions per product, usage limits per person or max values

How does the ordering process work for the user?

It’s your store! You run and manage it just like you would a bricks and mortor store, but just digitally!

You have full control over order fulfilment; you receive an email notification when an order is made,  you ship the product, and the user receives an automated email once you have marked as shipped. Simple!

Receive Credit/Debit card payments through Stripe, and/or Paypal*

* Stanard Paypal and Stripe Fees apply

Why set up an E-Commerce store with me?

Personal Approach:
Work with me and I’ll come in person for face to face requirements gathering, will be in touch throughout the setup phase, and will come in person for the payment configurations and final config steps

*or video conference if outside of Kent, UK

Fully Project Managed:

If there is anything that 7 years of implementing SAAS solutions teaches you, it’s how to deliver a project on time and on budget;. Start your project with me, and you’ll get fully transparent project management

Entirely Editable Visuals:
No plain boring looking website. You get to customise the look and feel of your online store to fit your brand

Detailed Documentation:
You will be provided with a secure login to access a detailed series of how to documentation and video guides, instructing on how to manage your online store

Hosting Options:
If you don’t have a host available to look after and update the website for you then I can do that – I can also source and administer a new domain for you too; plus business emails address.

How much will it cost?

One of those classic “How long is a piece of string?” questions. It really depends on your wants and needs: But, if budget is a concern then my base price is a £650 one-off which covers

    • Self Hosting (I can recommend services from £5 per month)
    • Store Configuration
    • Payment Configuration
    • “About Us” page
    • “Contact Us” page
    • Legal Jargon pages (GDPR Compliant Templates provided*)

*You’ll need to be your own GDPR policies in place and have your own controller

Pricing can range between £600 and £2,000 based on the complexity of the requirements. However, requirements are agreed on upfront, and costs will not change once the project commences; unless you request new features of course!


Click on the images below to view my previous work


Frilly Freya


The first e-commerce site I made was for my wife to run a small dropshipping business from the comfort of our home. Freya is our daughter and a willing model for the brand 🙂

Frilly Freya


Perry Court Farm


Perry Court Farm owners Charlie and Laurie came to me seeking a new site to both sell their fresh fruit products and to promote their brand. This example has more brand work than e-commerce, and I’m particular pleased with the timeline created on their about us page

Perry Court Farm


Timely Treasures


Owner Lisa came to me for her first website and in major need to remove the manual administration that came with trying to run a business via facebook alone. Endless queries on colours, sizes, prices, followed by manual invoice generation and payment chasing…all before she even got to handcrafting the items on sale!

The website aims to remove as much of that administration as possible, plus provide her with a basis to start analysing trends to improve sales in the future.

Timely Treasuers


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